Life as a Roman

June 2013 |
After having studied abroad in Rome, at John Cabot University in Trastevere, during my junior year at John Carroll University in Cleveland, I knew I wanted to go back to Rome. The desire to return partly had to do with the fact that my fresh, new...

Ferragosto, the Holy Grail

August 2012 |
  Ahhh... it's finally August-€”time to pack up the summer wardrobe and head to the beach with not a care in the world for a three week vacation. No more emails, phone calls or office drama. Your biggest stress is figuring out which beach...

The American Tourist in Italy

July 2012 |
Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday It's June and well, summer is here, which usually means one thing: a family trip to Italy….at least that's how it was in my household growing up. If you are indeed off to "il Bel...

Planning Your Wedding In Italy

February 2011 |
Italy is indisputably the world's most loved travel location. What other country can offer beautiful captivating cities such as romantic Venice, Isle of Capri, The Amalfi Coast, Taormina, Rome, Florence or the spectacular coastal settings of the...

A Scholarship to Study in Italy in honor of Stuart Ross

October 2010 |
Stuart J. Ross of Canton, OH was a junior at Ohio University where he studied English and Italian. He died unexpectedly in a car accident while out of state on Wednesday, September 1, 2010. Stuart was working toward a certificate in Italian...

The "H" factor

April 2010 |
Toscana! Ah sì, la Toscana! Ci ha dato Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio e "Hoha-Hola". "Mi scusi, ma dove sono finite tutte le c?". Questo fenomeno fonologico ha acquisito un po' di prestigio e il nome "gorgia toscana" o "gola toscana"....
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