La Città Sotterranea

It was a stroke of luck when the crazy WWOOFing adventure that my sister Diana and I were on in Cancellara was suddenly cut short. We needed to find lodging quickly as the B&B in Salento, our next destination, wasn’t available yet. Luckily, were able to find accommodations in Matera in the Basilicata region of southern Italy. We had been there before and were excited to return to one of my favorite places in all of Italy. We found a wonderful B&B, Uno Sguardo Sui Sassi with a most hospitable hostess, Angela Rondinone.

Enchanted is the word that best describes Matera. Known as “La Città Sotterranea” (the underground city) it is famous for its ancient town known as the “Sassi di Matera,” cave dwellings thought to be the first human settlements of what is now Italy. The sassi are dug into the rock itself and the town is on one slope of the rocky ravine known as “La Gravina.” Many centuries ago, the caves served as refuges for monks who left magnificently frescoed masterpieces.


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