Anne Robichaud

Anne Robichaud, & Contributing Writer

Anne’s Parsley, Pine Nut and Pecan Pesto Sauce

June 2020
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From Cashmere to Protective Masks

June 2020
Christmas gifts for our family members have often been wool or cashmere sweaters purchased at the outlet store at Novella Confezioni in the valley below Assisi. At Novella Confezioni, Monia Mancinelli, daughter of Novella, the founder of Novella...

Pasta ai Gamberi

May 2020
Ingredients: Small, peeled shrimp 2 Small onions, diced 2 Garlic cloves, peeled and sliced Olive Oil (q.b.) Thyme  Marjoram Tomato pulp 1 lb. Spaghetti Directions: Add diced onion and sliced garlic cloves to a deep frying pan and...

Don Aldo Brunacci, Righteous Gentile of Assisi

April 2020
I could not remember the exact location in Assisi’s cemetery of the burial vault of Clara Weiss, an Austrian Jewish refugee who had died of natural causes in 1944 while hidden in Assisi. I was looking for it on February 2 before the ceremony...

Beverly Pepper

March 2020
Beverly Pepper was an American sculptor known for her monumental works, site specific art (art created to exist in a certain place) and land art. Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1922 to Jewish immigrants, Beverly knew art was her calling from an early age....

Peppe’s Pig

February 2020
When Peppe told me the December date for the transformation of his butchered pig into prosciutto, capocollo, sausages, salami, coppa, and lard, I knew I would be there. At 84-years-old, Peppe is the oldest of our rural neighbors to continue this...

FUNK OFF Rocks Orvieto

February 2020
For more than 15 years, the Umbria Jazz Winter Festival has been entertaining jazz lovers of all ages. For five days, Orvieto is filled with hundreds of musical events in various venues. Locals and tourists alike fill the city from morning until...

Perugia Sardines Don’t Swim

January 2020
In the everchanging scope of Italian politics, a new anti-populist political movement calling themselves ‘Sardines’ is growing exponentially all over Italy as a response to Matteo Salvini’s bid to win power in traditionally left-wing Emilia-Romagna...

Christmas is Alive in Assisi

December 2019
Last-minute shopping forays, hours of cooking up a feast, gift-wrapping marathons, and a furious flurry of holiday party preparations are important elements of Christmastime for many. However, in some tiny mountain villages of Umbria, the locals...

Macedonia in a Persimmon Cup

December 2019
La Macedonia (fruit cup) is usually enjoyed in the summertime when peaches and other summer fruits are in abundance. But, we were recently inspired to create a winter macedonia when we were gifted a Christmas-red SUBSCRIBE NOW! online +...

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