Captured Moments

Wandering around Italy can be a constant photo opportunity, if you are interested in the lifestyle and the moments suddenly popping up, waiting to be frozen in time.
These images are not historic nor particularly important, however they all triggered my interest when being presented in front of my camera and continue to elicit my curiosity.
On a day trip to the Bracciano Lake, I saw the "Mister Pollo panini” offered at a lakeside kiosk alongside some of the more traditional meals (fig. 1). It was not too far from a country farmhouse filled with chickens (fig. 2) and other small animals roaming around.
Travelling along most Italian roads, there is really no chance to remain hungry for too long, as small, mobile osterias (fig. 3) pop up in even remote areas with plenty of choices for any culinary desire.
On a sunny Sunday afternoon, an old merry-go-around (fig. 4) popped up in the middle of a paese parking lot, ready to welcome some local young children for a wild ride, soon to be followed by a succulent gelato (fig. 5) al fresco.
In Rome, I could not pass up a still-working pay phone (fig. 6), hardly imaginable with the growth of today's cellular technology. It was a difficult concept to explain to my young granddaughters, who were actually much more interested in the spectacular Pinocchio store (fig. 7) near piazza Navona. At an open air mercato, one of the shopkeepers was happily announcing to his clientele the arrival of Lavinia, their newest nipotina (fig. 8). The bread stand (fig. 9) was simply incredible, if you like authentic Italian bread. Much more is always available at these markets, including all the garlic (fig. 10) one can possibly desire, and, of course, generous local wines (fig. 11).
Tourists visiting St. Peter and Vatican City will find plenty to shop for (fig. 12), and the best rosary deals are offered by the ubiquitous streetside vendors (fig. 13).
On the outskirts of Rieti, an abandoned gas station (fig. 14) had gradually become a depot for used mattresses, unwanted furniture and much more. I hoped that they had run out of gas long before.

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