Colori della notte

Photographing the night can be difficult, however the results bring out a different atmosphere and often a very romantic, soothing mood. I personally love visiting small, mostly unknown villages (figs. 1,2) and borghi away from the big cities where one is still able to reconnect with old traditions and a more enjoyable pace. But the allure of Roma, Venezia and so many other beautiful places is very difficult to ignore as a photographer! 

Roma shows itself splendidly at night (figs. 3,4), as seen in these views of the Tevere River and Vatican City. A leisurely walk around Piazza Navona (figs. 5,6) after dinner is the perfect completion to a busy day spent discovering something new.

Venezia, to me the most incredible place in the world, suddenly presents herself so beautifully at night (figs. 7,8,9), once free of the thousands of visitors constantly roaming around. Her true features, now well visible, are so much more appreciable in the darkness, surrounded only by silence and, at times, her fog.

When rain is added to darkness, the task could become even more challenging (fig. 10), but the outcome still enjoyable, particularly if a good umbrella was fortunately at hand.

Crossing the Arno in Firenze at night (fig. 11) will make you stop and dream. Unexpected monuments (figs. 12,13) and nighttime entertainment during a festa di paese like this one in Leonessa (fig. 14) are great nocturnal photographic subjects. 

I recollect the best moments of that trip, while finally sitting down for a well-deserved cena al fresco (fig. 15), the perfect conclusion to a perfect day in Italy!

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