Pizza Day!

Ask any child in Italy what they would like for lunch. Not surprisingly, the answer will usually be pizza or pasta! Interestingly enough, we probably would get the same answer from most American children these days. Italian food has conquered the world indeed and pizza is universal and desirable by children of all ages!

The secret of pizza (fig. 1) is in its simplicity and in the ability to adapt to all tastes and imaginations. There are likely hundreds of different recipes and ingredient combinations used in all corners of the world, but the Neapolitan masters (figs. 2,3,4) swear that the true key to a fabulous pie lies in their water, even though the local bufala mozzarella and tomatoes must play a major role in the final results!

I am not aware of any international restaurant chains having had great success in conquering a significant portion of the pizza business in Italy. Everyone has their favorite pizzamaker nearby their home in every city or small village (figs. 5,6), as well as the best local ingredients, effectively making theirs the best pizza around!

Tourism has somewhat altered the traditional ways Italian restaurants satisfy the needs of visitors from all parts of the globe. Due to travelers’ limited time and budgets, fast food providers (fig. 7) are abundant particularly in large cities. However, the experience of a pizza made-to-order (fig. 8) and enjoyed al fresco in that perfect little taverna (fig. 9) or at the local trattoria (figs. 10,11) is something not to be missed. Right, little girl (fig. 12)?

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