Sapore di Sale

"Sapore di sale, sapore di mare..." (figs. 1,2) was a popular summer tune. I remember it well as I spent many of my teenage years in the south of Italy, luckily always near the sea. The song talked about happy summer days by the beach (fig. 3) in the company of friends, enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Long hours at the beach playing soccer or volleyball, swimming, boating, and snorkeling (figs. 4,5), making new friends, planning evening parties and dinners al fresco without much to worry about!

Today's news from Italy seems to suggest that the slow reopening taking place throughout Europe might gradually bring back the holiday traditions so dear to all Italians. August is almost universally preserved for le vacanze, al mare or in montagna. Hopefully, the rather challenging crowds of years past (figs. 6,7) will not suddenly reappear, thus allowing for less stressful times (figs. 8,9) on the beach.

Shopping for that new beach bag (fig. 10) or simply taking the time to discover new quiet surroundings (fig. 11) might again be possible. Before dinnertime arrives at your favorite trattoria by the lungomare (fig. 12), you can again savor the delightful, always freshest fish (fig. 13) simply and perfectly prepared for everyone's delight. 


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