A Visit to Labro

Labro is a tiny village (fig. 1) within the Province of Rieti, northeast of Rome, overlooking the Piediluco lake (fig. 2). Its population amounts to no more than 100 people, but that likely triples during the summer. 

Historians have said that Cicero left the village to travel to Rome. It is indeed possible that its origins date back to over 2,000 years ago, revealing today a wonderful medieval structure with its castle (fig. 3) overlooking the borgo and the surrounding valley. 

As one arrives in the small, cobblestone square facing the main entrance to Labro (fig. 4), the magic begins. Through the winding, narrow vicoli, the profound silence is suddenly upon the visitor, only interrupted by birds chirping and the wind swirling around (fig. 5).  A couple of small restaurants are found on site, mostly open during holidays and weekends, as is a 14th century monastery that has been remodeled into an elegant hotel, the site of frequent retreats and small meetings. The breathtaking view from the rooftop down into the valley and the lake is truly incredible (fig. 6). As one wanders around the village (figs. 7,8), more unexpected beauty is discovered with plenty of colorful flowers all around (figs. 9,10). 

Tiny Labro can easily be seen in a few hours, however I would favor at least a day-long visit to enjoy the atmosphere and to absorb the serenity of this enchanted village (fig. 11) before ultimately walking through the Porta Reatina (fig. 12) and back to reality. 

Buon viaggio!

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