Roma Eterna

The Eternal City is well worth visiting again and again. While I always enjoy spending time in some of the little-known towns and villages spread throughout Italy, everyone must see Roma. So, andiamo!

As you walk towards St. Peter Square (fig. 1), the view is breathtaking, given the majestic architecture and the elegance of the Square (fig. 2). Inside, the artistry and the splendor of the Basilica (fig. 3) are overwhelming. On our last trip, before Easter, we witnessed solemn processions (fig. 4) involving the Clergy and the faithful surrounded by Centuries of history and traditions.

A quick walk along the Tiber will take you to Castel St. Angelo (fig. 5), filled with centuries of history and intrigue. The omnipresent Roman fontanelle (fig. 6) are always a wonderful site for a quick drink; then on to Piazza Navona (fig. 7) with its alluring restaurants, artist stalls and impromptu musical performances.

Unusual shops, like the one featuring a gigantic Pinocchio (fig. 8) are easy to find as one wanders around town, even though stores beckoning tourists are more and more common these days (fig. 9).

The Trevi Fountain (fig. 10) remains one of the most often visited sites in Rome, as my two granddaughters who accompanied us on the last trip will attest. The panini shop (fig. 11) saved the day after so many hours of endless roaming around!

As the evening slowly arrived, a wonderful gelateria in Trastevere suddenly appeared (fig. 12), the perfect stop before ending the day at our favorite pizzeria near the Colosseo (fig. 13).

Molto buono!