Vita di Paese: A Trip to the farm

On a past trip to Umbria, I wanted to discover the actual production site for the delicious local “Mozzarella di bufala.” After receiving an approximate address way out in the Italian countryside, I headed off. It took a while to get there but was indeed well worth the trip. The scenery (figs. 1-2) and the views were unique. That, along with some incredibly fresh cheese we were able to taste and take home, left me with lasting memories. 

The farmhouse was a rather large, industrial site (fig. 3) with hundreds of cows (fig. 4) situated in several enormous shacks when they weren’t roaming the fields outside (figs. 5-6). The cows seemed to enjoy our visit and happily posed for some unique photos! 

Along the way, we stopped by a smaller farm (fig. 7) where chickens, sheep and goats were kept outdoors (figs. 8-10) along with an old donkey (fig. 11). Bales of hay were being stored for later needs (fig. 12) as the summer heat was soon arriving. 

After saying “ciao!” to our new friends, it was time to head back home (fig. 13). 

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