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A look at the history of La Gazzetta Italiana

May 2012 |
This is a special issue for our newspaper, La Gazzetta Italiana. We are celebrating our 20 year anniversary! With a cappuccino in hand, I sat down with the man who started it all to get a grasp of how indeed Mr. Paul Sciria came up with La Gazzetta...
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Behind La Gazzetta's Associate Editor

April 2012 |
I sat down with our new Associate Editor, Gabriella Mileti, to bring you a little taste of where she comes from and who she is. AS: How did you and your family find your way from Italy to Cleveland, Ohio? GM: The story of my family is actually...
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Italian Embarks on New Venture in Cleveland

March 2012 |
There is a culinary revolution going on in Cleveland, Ohio and what is great food without fine wine, especially Italian wine! Downtown Cleveland is now home to a brand new Italian wine distribution company, Tuscany Distributors of Ohio, wine...

Northeast Ohio's Special Destination

November 2011 |
Sembra quasi di essere in Italia ma invece è nella zona di Canton Ohio che si trova il Gervasi Vineyard, una fattoria costruita nel 1823 su 55 acre di terreno dove oggi coltivano vigneti che ogni anno producono un ottimo vino. Oltre ad...
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Little Italy's Own Piece of Sicily

November 2011 |
Being Italian means lots of things to many people, but to Peppe Pilumeli of Little Italy's Etna it is a way of life and what he showcases in every meal he makes. Peppe came to the United States in 1995 after his sister Tina, who is a doctor at the...

LaGazzetta on Facebook

July 2011 |
Looking for ways to connect with the Italian-American community this summer? It's now festival season and we would like to share with you some of the events that are happening around your community. Social media and the events page on Facebook is...

Sunseri Brothers, Two Staples in the Strip District

July 2011 |
Now that the nice weather has finally arrived, I have noticed a marked increase in the auto and foot traffic in our beloved Strip District. Over the winter months I normally found a prime parking spot on either Smallman St. or Penn Ave. and was...

Italian Consulate in Detroit and the Italian Cultural Garden Foundation commemorate the 65th Anniversary of the Republic of Italy

June 2011 |
June 2, 2011 marks the 65th Anniversary of the Republic of Italy. On that day, millions of Italians, in the motherland and abroad, will pause to solemnly commemorate a day which, perhaps distant in time, is still fervently held in the hearts and...

Happy Birthday LaGazzetta

May 2011 |
This month, La Gazzetta Italiana begins its 20th year of publication. In the beginning our monthly newspaper opened with a 20 pager and as advertisers came on board, our size increased. Presently we publish a 44 pager and on occasion a 48...
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