The Power and Strength of Italy

La Nascita di Venere - Botticelli La Nascita di Venere - Botticelli

“Where would we be without the Italians? What would the quality of life be without their countless contributions? The great advances of the Rinascimento ensured that Italy remained the most highly cultured and civilized place in Europe even though the country itself was dominated by foreign powers and torn by war. Well into the 18th and 19th centuries, Italy was the land of inspiration for countless people; not just artists, writers and architects, but scientists, politicians and lawmakers. Many other European countries owe Italian culture a great debt. France, for instance, developed her highly cultivated and refined society under the influence of Italian-born leaders such as Caterina dei Medici. England, as we know it today, was shaped by Italian ideas and images brought back with the luggage of the Grand Tourists. Even the English countryside was remade in the image of Italy.”

Carl A. Pescosolido & Pamela Gleason, “The Proud Italians: Our Great Civilizers”