Little Italy - Italian Immigrants Influence America - Part 2

September 2010 |
Part 2 of 2 Last month we published part one of Little Italy: Italian immigrants influence America, which listed some of the Little Italy neighborhoods throughout America. Below is Part II. While the list is not inclusive, it provides a brief look...

Finding the Way Back to the Garlic Corners

August 2010 |
In the Remembering section of the January 2009 issue of LA GAZZETTA ITALIANA, I read the biography of Alturo Pietraroia, a Clevelander with Italian roots who grew up in the Bellaire Road area. The biography mentioned that after immigrating to...

Little Italy - Italian Immigrants Influence America - Part 1

August 2010 |
Part 1 of 2 Lo sbarco in America di milioni di Italiani - nel tardo diciannovesimo e ventesimo secolo - ha fortemente influenzato i quartieri in cui s'insediarono, creando versioni in miniatura dei loro villaggi e paesi del vecchio continente. In...

Children taught about organized crime, stereotypes in school

June 2010 |
"An Italian discovered America; another Italian gave her his name; still another Italian first planted the English flag on American soil and gave England her claim to North America and the American people their first claim to independence; other...
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