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Timballo: A Delicious Blend of Food and Tradition

June 2020 |
Do you have that classic food that grandma always makes during the holidays? That one go-to dish that always makes your day? I do and it is, of course, Italian. The dish is called timballo, and it is possibly the best thing I have ever eaten in my...

Anne’s Parsley, Pine Nut and Pecan Pesto Sauce

June 2020 |
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The Scattone Molisano: Taste and Tradition

May 2020 |
Il mio aperitivo preferito è “lo scattone, una prelibatezza autentica della gastronomia molisana, tanto semplice da preparare quanto piacevole da gustare. Se non ne hai mai sentito parlare quello che stai per leggere potrebbe sorprenderti e magari...

Villa d’Este Cocktail

May 2020 |
For centuries, Villa d’Este on Lago di Como in Italy has been a residency of aristocracy. Princesses, marquises, sultans, and tsars have experienced its timeless beauty. Since 1873, the elegant and charming five-star resort has been one of the most...

A Wine Tale

November 2019 |
Once upon a time in the land of Venosa, there lived a prince, Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi, born in 1918, a descendant of a 1,000-year-old line of Italian royalty which included Popes Gregory XIII and XV. This introverted prince was not interested...

Montefalco’s Sagrantino

November 2019 |
The hills undulating down from Montefalco are laced with vineyards of the Sagrantino, a prized grape indigenous to a very limited area of Umbria. During a late September weekend in Montefalco, these wines are feted during the town’s festival,...

Italian Wineries in Danger

September 2019 |
Climate change continues to be a prominent issue in American and world politics. Whether people believe it or not, there are phenomenon happening in all areas of the world that are caused by unprecedented changes in global temperatures. Italy is no...

The Slow Food Movement

July 2019 |
”A firm defense of quiet material pleasure is the only way to oppose the universal folly of Fast Life...our defense should begin at the table with Slow Food.”  ~Petrini  “Our Mother Earth brings us together in a universal...

Zucchini: Share Your Bounty with Abandon

July 2019 |
From the Heirloom Food Project I’m no master gardener, but for each of the past four years, our raised beds have contained zucchini. It seems like the ultimate foolproof vegetable – one that can always be counted on to produce and produce and...
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