Lee Laurino

Lee Laurino, contributing writer, www.hometoitaly.com

Italy is closed?

August 2014
Ferragosto on August 15 is Assumption Day, a national holiday; a day when offices, factories, and many stores and restaurants are closed. It is also the beginning of the exodus from the cities and towns for families not working in the tourist...

Italian-American Food is Not Italian Food!

July 2013
Two of my Italian acquaintances recently tried to convince me that Italian-American food is not really Italian. Raised in an Italian-American family, this argument caused me to consider carefully the food we prepared and ate at home and the dishes...

Discovering Puglia

May 2013
The big three, Roma, Firenze and Venezia, are the most visited cities in Italy but exciting alternatives await you in lesser known Southern Italy. Having never traveled south of Naples it was a new adventure to explore the south eastern area of...

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